There is no real “silver bullet” to find a job. If there were, all you would need would be an order blank, and not a handbook. The job search is about you, but the application of the job search is about them. Throughout this book, you will see the phrase “It is not about you, it is about them.” You are a worthy person and should be doing a job that is your passion. However, that is not why companies and organizations hire people. People are hired because they have the skills that companies can use to either make a profit or complete their mission. Read more

About C. Bruce Flanagan

C. Bruce Flanagan is the lead consultant for LEJ Unlimited. After a career as a nation-leading salesman of custom media, he launched a consulting career for job seekers. He has11 years of job search experience. He was president of Business and Profession Exchange (BPE), Central Indiana’s leading networking group. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

You came into work this morning, and you kind of felt like something was not right. There was an uneasiness that was not normal, but you could not put your finger on the problem. Read more

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